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New 'FEEL GOOD' Programme

Testlands Support Project is delighted to have received funding from Southampton Healthy Living to offer their new 'FEEL GOOD' Project.

The project will be delivered over the next 12 months and will comprise of 3,  thirteen week programmes delivered at different times of the year.

The first 13 Week Programme will be starting on 30th June 2018 and it will run on consecutive Saturday mornings with sessions from 10.00 - 11.30 a.m.


This programme is FREE and will provide the 0pportunity for participants to explore the elements of a healthy active lifestyle with like-minded people and take some regular group exercise whilst also making the most of 6 months free membership of the Testlands Hub Fitness Suite.


Under the guidance of a professional Personal Trainer you will explore your current levels of physical fitness and monitor your improving levels of fitness throughout the programme. With encouragement and support from the team of participants you will have the opportunity to achieve a ‘trimmer’, more physically active and healthy you which we guarantee will make you FEEL GOOD.


You will participate in a gentle fitness challenge at the end of the programme to celebrate and mark your success and achievement.

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