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Help us make a difference!

TSP is delighted and grateful to receive so much support from local people, organisations and sponsors. It is this continued support that enables TSP to make a difference, develop and grow.

We thank everyone who has contributed to our success to date.


There are many ways in which individuals, companies and organisations can support the work we do to improve the opportunities and wellbeing of young people and communities.


What we need:

To deliver its activities, services, events and grants TSP needs:

  • Financial contributions

  • Donations of equipment and resources

  • Help publicising our opportunities and events

  • Volunteers to support the delivery of our activities, services and events


Who can help:

All sorts of people do and can help us. Organisations, companies, groups and individuals have supported us in the past and we hope they, and many more, will do so in the future.


Individuals - TSP relies on the support of individuals who volunteer their time to help us achieve our charitable aims. Whether you have time to spare on a regular basis, or just occasionally. TSP would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have equipment or resources you would be willing to lend us for particular projects or events. Keep your eye on our website and social media sites to see details of our ongoing volunteering opportunities.  


Organisations - TSP is always interested in pursuing opportunities to work in partnership with like minded organisations and groups. If you are interested in exploring a partnership with TSP please contact us. We would be happy to consider the joint provision of services, activities or events.


Companies - Is your company looking for ways to publicise or encourage its workforce to embrace some altruistic volunteering? Are you looking for a local charity that can you offer you paid employee volunteer days? TSP is always looking for Corporate Sponsors who have a little something to offer in return for recognition and publicity. Please contact us if you think we could help each other whilst improving the opportunities and wellbeing of young people and communities.

Become a TSP Volunteer

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