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Transport for Pure Innovation Dance Company - Pure innovation had their first competition planned for their newly formed youth group 'Untamed', the competition was in Portsmouth and the cost of ticket entries and costumes was significant enough for all so TSP were able to fund transport for all dances and parents to the competition where the incredible Untamed came 2nd.


Transport for Bustagroove - Bustagroove were attending a dance show at the O2 areana in London. With the help of TSP, ALL of their children were able to attend and have an amzing time.


Holiday Activities - In the summer of 2014, TSP funded the chance for 33 children to attend a sports camp for 10 day over the period of 5 weeks. The children were able to develop their social, personal, creative and physical skills over this time and the programme was a huge success.


Lunch Time Clubs – These have been an innovative and very successful idea for many schools and many students have benefitted. The charity funds sports coaches to go in and join in with playground games at lunch times, whilst at the same time teaching the children to create new games and demonstrate vital life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship in fun and exciting ways.


Extra swimming lessons – The charity kindly gave Mansbridge Primary School £500 to help fund extra swimming lessons for their students. As a result of this, more children had elongated time to learn such an important and underestimated life skill.


Oakwood Primary School (OPS) ‘Olympic Legacy Playground’ – The charity decided it would be a fantastic idea to help OPS improve their school sport on a generic scale by supplying them with £1500 to help build this amazing and creative playground. Since it has been built, children from the school of all ages have been given the opportunity to learn exciting new sports whilst also using the play area as a reward system for students or class who perform well throughout the week. It has also enabled the school to improve on their PE with this extra space.


One-to-one support – This was one of the first things we funded as a charity. This is a chance to help individuals who are less able to gain the most they possibility can out of their education. The result from this programme have been fantastic, and the schools’ have been brilliant in identifying those who need it, whilst also choosing the perfect person to work with the individual.


Sport equipment funding – Banister Primary School are a school in the centre of Southampton and greatly needed our support. When we helped them in 2011, their school was an extremely old building which had been present since the world wars. They have very little equipment, which meant children could not excel or try new sports. Therefore, we funded £500 for the school to buy new sporting equipment, which again has improved their PE and students are able to excel better than ever.


The TSP Legacy page gives a brief description of many of the projects we have been able to fund since founding in 2011.

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