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GIAG (Give It A Go) Day 2018 - 19th May

GIAG day is a sport and leisure based community day for our local communities. 

On this day at the Testlands Hub we will deliver a range of sports and leisure activities to the general public with the aim of :

1) Promoting the benefits of a healthy and active life style.

2) Introducing people to a range of sports and leisure pursuits which they may not have previously   had the opportunity to try.

3) Introducing people to, and signposting people to, local clubs and groups associated with these      activities to encourage continuing participation in healthy and social activities.

The activities available are suitable for all age groups and bouncy castles offer additional fun for all.

Refreshments are also available on sale for those who work up a good appetite!

Any one not wishing to miss the Royal Wedding will be able to view the proceeding on TV screens at various locations in the Hub.

Entrance to the event is FREE of charge thanks to sponsorship received from the Barker- Mill Foundation.

About The Barker-Mill Foundation

The Barker-Mill Foundation was established in 1995 from funds provided by members of the Barker-Mill family in memory of their late father and grandfather, Peter Barker-Mill.


Previously known as the Peter Barker-Mill Memorial Charity, the Foundation mainly makes donations to local charities, schools, organisations and individuals needing support primarily in south west Hampshire.


Helping those in and around the areas where the Barker-Mill family has owned land for generations, namely the lower Test Valley, Nursling, Ashurst, Colbury, Hounsdown, Longdown and Marchwood, the total amount donated by the Foundation to date stands at £4 million.


For more information about the Barker-Mill Foundation, please visit


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